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Trump’s Trade War Creates ‘Trump Tax,’ Americans Lose

Jun 06, 2019

Trump Tariffs Slam Farmers, Local Businesses, and People Living Paycheck to Paycheck

President Donald Trump continues threatening to impose new tariffs on Mexico, even as Ohioans are already feeling the impact of Trump’s reckless trade war. Farmers, local businesses, manufacturers, consumers, and families living paycheck to paycheck are already paying the price for Trump’s tariffs; Trump’s latest tariff threat would inflict even greater damage to Ohio’s economy.

“President Trump’s shortsighted and petulant tariffs are effectively a tax on Ohio’s consumers, small businesses, and farmers,” said For Our Future Ohio spokesperson Daniel van Hoogstraten. “The Trump Tax is a disaster for Ohio’s hardworking families.”

Who pays for the Trump administration’s tariffs? Here’s a breakdown:

Americans struggling to make ends meet: Trump’s tariffs could force Americans living paycheck to paycheck to pay more for everyday purchases, including groceries. At a time when six in ten of Ohio’s most common jobs don’t pay workers enough to support a family of three, Trump’s trade war could push Ohio families to the financial brink.

Farmers: Trump’s tariffs are causing chaos for Ohio farmers, many of whom are also battling extreme flooding that has prevented farmers from planting their crops. The combination of flooding and Trump’s tariffs could spell disaster for farmers’ livelihoods.

Consumers: Trump’s tariffs have a negative impact on U.S. consumers, who are facing higher prices on goods ranging from food to clothing to appliances and more. Trump’s latest tariff threat could inflict even more pain on the pocketbooks of middle-class families, costing as much as $900 per household in a year.

Manufacturing: Ohio-based manufacturers — including automakers — are among those feeling the negative effects of Trump’s tariffs. In a survey of northeast Ohio manufacturers, two-thirds of respondents said that recent tariffs imposed by the United States have negatively affected their companies. General Motors cited tariffs as one reason why the company cut 14,000 jobs, including thousands of jobs at the Lordstown, Ohio plant.

Local industries and small businesses: The U.S. beer industry is blaming Trump’s tariffs for the loss of 40,000 jobs. Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexico imports could slam the U.S. beer industry with nearly $1 billion in increased costs annually. Trump’s trade war is already impacting Ohio’s craft beer industry, which generated nearly $1 billion in economic impact last year.

Ohio’s economy. Experts have noted that simultaneous trade wars with Mexico and China could trigger a recession, which would ripple throughout the state’s economy.


For Our Future Ohio (FOF-OH) is a statewide coalition organization that builds progressive power through voter engagement and community organizing to create shared economic prosperity, strengthen public education, advance social and racial justice, and preserve the environment. FOF-OH’s founding partners are the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, American Federation of Teachers, Communications Workers of America, National Education Association, and NextGen America.