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Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Leaves Ohio Communities Behind

Feb 12, 2018

President Trump’s infrastructure plan, which was unveiled Monday, is not a serious plan to invest in our nation’s aging infrastructure or create good jobs. Instead, Trump’s plan would shift the burden to local communities and privatize our vital infrastructure, handing control to corporations and rich investors while raising costs for everyone else.

A real infrastructure plan invests in American jobs and communities, such as Senator Sherrod Brown’s Bridge Investment Act. Trump’s infrastructure plan is much like the GOP tax scam: A boon to rich investors, paid for by the middle class.

If enacted, the Trump infrastructure plan would:

Kill jobs through budget cuts and privatization

  • Taken together, Trump’s budget and infrastructure plan actually cut existing highway and public transportation funds and kill existing infrastructure jobs
  • Trump would cut at least $1.69 for every $1 in proposed spending. The net effect would be a job losses across America — including right here in Ohio
  • Trump’s plan would privatize our vital infrastructure, and history shows us that corporate privatization of public services almost always leads to job losses
  • In a survey of 10 recent water system deals, an average of 1 in 3 workers lost their jobs after privatization

Increase state and local taxes

  • Trump’s $1.5 trillion plan calls on state and local governments to foot most of the bill, which could hike state and local taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars
  • Combined with the recent tax changes from the GOP tax plan that reduce the state and local tax (SALT) deductions, this puts yet another burden on working and middle-class families
  • For state and local governments that are unable or unwilling to raise taxes, Trump’s approach will essentially force them to use private financing — which will ultimately cost taxpayers more — or forgo vital infrastructure improvements

Promote inequality while giving a huge handout to Wall Street

  • Trump’s plan is a huge handout to Wall Street banks, whose privatization of roads, bridges, water systems, and other public assets will require charging Americans big tolls and fees
  • Wealthier regions may be able to raise the “matching” money the Trump plan requires of them. But many communities, including communities that are financially vulnerable, will not. As a result, millions of Americans in struggling communities, both urban and rural, will be left behind

Roll back environmental protections

  • Under the guise of streamlining the permitting process for infrastructure projects, Trump has already attacked rules designed to protect our environment and safeguard our infrastructure investments. This plan takes those attacks even further
  • Building first and asking questions later could produce long-term community and environmental harms, and may lead to huge remediation costs in the future
  • Gutting environmental protections is deeply unpopular: Americans overwhelmingly reject the idea that we must gut environmental protections to build infrastructure

Fail to solve Ohio’s infrastructure needs

  • 17% of public roads in Ohio — roughly 20,900 miles of public roads — are in poor condition. That’s enough miles to cover more than 4 round tripsbetween Columbus, Ohio and San Francisco
  • Ohio ranks among the worst states with deficient bridges — almost 2,000 Ohio bridges are structurally deficient, and more than 4,500 Ohio bridges are “functionally obsolete”
  • Trump’s plan will lead to one of two outcomes: (1) much higher state and local taxes, tolls, and other user fees, which will fall heavily on working families; or (2) a continued decline in the quality of our infrastructure as those communities unable to raise revenue watch their assets crumble