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Promises Made, Promises Broken: Trump Chooses Ohio for 2020 Campaign Debut

Jan 09, 2020

Ohioans Are Paying the Price for Trump’s Failures

Donald Trump is hosting his first campaign rally of the new year today, choosing the Buckeye State for his 2020 campaign debut. Trump’s decision to kick off his 2020 re-election bid in Ohio is no coincidence: He knows that Ohio remains a critical presidential swing state and that his approval is underwater in Ohio.

Although the Trump campaign and Ohio Republicans will tout Trump’s “Promises Made, Promises Kept” message, Ohioans are paying a big price for Trump’s broken promises and failed policies. 

“While Trump spends his time live-tweeting Fox News, the U.S. has plunged into a manufacturing recession, more Ohioans are without health insurance, and Ohio has lost thousands of jobs,” said For Our Future Ohio spokesperson Chelsea Kiene. “Every day Ohioans are bearing the brunt of Trump’s failures and reckless policy choices. Voters will make their voices heard in November.” 

Here’s a snapshot of how Trump’s broken promises and failed policies are hurting Ohioans:

PROMISE MADE… In 2016, Trump promised Ohioans they’d have “great health care.”
PROMISE BROKEN. Thanks to Trump’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act, nearly 2 million more Americans lacked health insurance in 2018. Ohio was one of only eight states to see its uninsured rate rise.

PROMISE MADE… Trump promised his tax law would create jobs and boost workers’ wages.
PROMISE BROKEN. Ohio lost thousands of jobs in 2019, and wages in Ohio remain stagnant. Income inequality is the worst it’s been in 50 years, thanks in large part to the Trump-GOP tax scam.

PROMISE MADE… Trump promised to revive American factories and bring manufacturing jobs back to communities like Lordstown, Ohio.
PROMISE BROKEN. Under Trump’s watch, U.S. manufacturing activity has hit a 10-year low as the president’s trade war plunges American manufacturing deeper into recession. In 2019, Ohio lost thousands of manufacturing jobs.

PROMISE MADE… Trump promised to make prescription drugs more affordable.
PROMISE BROKEN. Drugmakers recently increased the prices on hundreds of medications. One Ohio family shared their story of paying $1,000 each month for insulin. 


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