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Trump and Price Hold Sham Meeting On Opioid Addiction Today

Aug 08, 2017

Trump, Price Ignore Fact That Health Care Repeal Will Cripple Fight Against Epidemic

Columbus, OH— President Donald Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price are holding a sham meeting today on the opioid epidemic, which is now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. This year, the epidemic will kill about as many Americans as the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars combined.

While President Trump and Secretary Price talk about the epidemic and make meaningless pledges to combat it, they continue to push health care repeal bills that would gut treatment and slash our ability to fight the epidemic. Health care repeal would drastically cut funding for Medicaid, one of the largest sources of treatment for substance use disorders; end protections for people with pre-existing conditions; and allow insurance companies to discriminate against people with substance use disorders.

Since Trump and Price will surely ignore the real damage repeal would do, here are the facts:

Associated Press: “How Killing The ACA Could Lead To More Opioid Deaths In West Virginia And Other Trump States” [6/27/17]

CNN: “Trump’s Plan For Medicaid Could Hurt The Opioid Abusers He Promised To Help” [3/12/17]

Los Angeles Times: “Tens Of Thousands Died Due To An Opioid Addiction Last Year. With An Obamacare Repeal, Some Fear The Number Will Rise.” [6/21/17]

Bloomberg: “A $45 Billion Republican Opioid Addiction Plan Won’t Make Up For Slashing Medicaid, Where Most Treatment Funds Come From.” [6/30/17]

New Jersey Star-Ledger: “Christie Opioid Commission Members Criticize Trump Obamacare Repeal” [6/16/17]

Charleston Gazette-Mail: “GOP Health Plan Would Cut Opiate Addiction Treatment” [3/10/17]

Morning Consult: “Op-Ed: Health Care Repeal Will Devastate Areas Suffering From Opioid Addiction” [6/26/17]