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Health Care Advocates: Troy Balderson Is A Threat To Ohioans’ Health Care

Jul 30, 2018

Balderson Opposes Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion, Pledges to Repeal Affordable Care Act, Supports Raising Eligibility Age for Medicare

COLUMBUS — As voters in Ohio’s 12th congressional district continue to cast their ballots for the August 7th special election, health care experts and advocates gathered for a press conference today outside of the Ohio Department of Medicaid to discuss how Republican candidate Troy Balderson is a threat to Ohioans’ health care.

“Medicaid and Medicare are under attack,” said Pastor Jason Ridley of the Allegheny West Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Church. “As a Christian and as a concerned citizen, I stand up and I speak out for Medicaid and Medicare and I speak against politicians like Troy Balderson, whose record has proven him to be a direct threat to Medicaid, to Medicare, and to health care.”

Not only has Balderson pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act — which has improved the lives of millions of Ohioans — but as a state senator, Balderson also voted to throw 500,000 Ohioans off of their health insurance by freezing Ohio’s Medicaid expansion. Balderson is a vocal opponent of the state’s Medicaid expansion, which has helped more than 700,000 Ohioans get health care coverage.

“Troy Balderson voted to freeze the Medicaid expansion, and stand in the way of individuals having healthier lives,” said Norm Wernet, State Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans.  

Balderson is a threat to seniors’ health care: he supports raising the eligibility age for Medicare and Social Security, and supports the Republican tax plan, which experts say could trigger deep cuts to programs like Medicare.

Notably, Balderson also claims that he can’t say when he’s disagreed with President Trump, even as the Trump administration seeks to end the provision of the health care law that protects individuals with pre-existing conditions. In Ohio’s 12th congressional district, more than 328,000 individuals — more than half of people age 64 and under — have a pre-existing condition.

Republicans’ health care sabotage campaign has left Ohioans with higher health care premiums, more uncertainty about the future of their coverage, and mounting frustration with GOP lawmakers who play politics with people’s health care. Troy Balderson would only add fuel to the health care sabotage fire.

“We should really take note when individuals step up as leaders to protect health care access,” said Dr. Ean Bett, a family medicine physician and member of Physicians Action Network. “Danny O’Connor is standing up to his opponent Troy Balderson and his desire to reduce access to Medicaid and Medicare.”

“We need to support leaders in our community who are willing to protect our patients’ access to the health care that we provide,” continued Dr. Bett.

To watch a recording of Monday’s press conference, click here.




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