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New Study: Trump’s Sabotage Raising Health Care Premiums, Bigly

Aug 11, 2017

Columbus, OH — A new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows the latest victims of the Trump administration’s efforts to sabotage of our health care: middle-class Americans whose premiums would skyrocket.

As the Associated Press reports, “Actions by the Trump administration are triggering double-digit premium increases on individual health insurance policies purchased by many people, according to a nonpartisan study.”

A newly-released Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll shows 78% of people say President Trump and his administration should “do what they can to make the law work,” while only 17% say the president and his administration should “do what they can to make the law fail so they can replace it later.”

It’s past time that the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress renounce their agenda of repeal and sabotage, and instead work with Democrats to improve our health care system and lower costs.

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