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NEW POLL: Ohio Voters Reject Portman’s First Repeal Vote

Jul 27, 2017

Public Policy Polling conducted a poll to gauge Ohio voters’ opinion of the Republican health care repeal efforts and of Senator Rob Portman, who earlier this week supported the Senate’s first health care repeal vote — the motion to proceed. The poll shows voters in Ohio overwhelmingly reject Senator Portman’s decision to take a “first vote in favor of health care repeal.” And by significant margins, voters say Portman’s vote will make them less likely to vote to re-elect Senator Portman. Additionally, Ohio voters want Republican senators to abandon repeal and move on to bipartisan solutions that improve health care.

  • By 50% to 42%, voters think Senator Portman made the wrong decision by supporting the Senate’s first health care repeal vote, including 60% opposition among independents and only 34% support.

  • Portman’s vote for health care repeal makes 43% of voters less likely to vote to re-relect Senator Portman in the next election, and only 35% more likely.

  • By 17 points — 53% to 36% — Ohio voters disapprove of the Republican health care repeal plan. The margin grows to 33 points – 62% to 29% – among independents.

Not only do voters disapprove of the vote and the underlying repeal plan, but they also strongly disapprove of the way the Senate Republicans are getting it done.

  • Voters disapprove of the Senate’s process by 48 points (20% to 68%) in Ohio.

  • By 53% to 40%, Ohio voters prefer Senator Portman work to “fix and improve” health care rather than continue the repeal effort. This extends to 62% to 33% among independents.

Despite this, Senator Portman continues to ignore the will of his constituents and seems intent to support a repeal plan that will take insurance away from millions, raise costs, and threaten protections from life threatening conditions.

The only question is whether or not Senator Portman will listen to his constituents. It’s clear what the people who sent Senator Portman to Washington want: no health care repeal.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 909 voters in Ohio between July 26 and July 27.