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New Census Figures Reveal Failure of Trump-GOP Agenda

Sep 10, 2019

Household Incomes Stagnate, Number of Ohioans Without Health Insurance Rises


Today, the U.S. Census Bureau released new data that show how President Donald Trump’s health care agenda and tax reform law are failing working families in Ohio. 

The Census report reveals that nearly 2 million more Americans lacked health insurance in 2018 compared to 2017. Ohio is one of just a handful of states to see a statistically significant increase in the state’s uninsured rate. Notably, this is the first increase in the national uninsured rate in nearly a decade — demonstrating that President Trump’s and congressional Republicans’ numerous attacks on the Affordable Care Act are producing dangerous consequences for Americans. 

At the same time, the Census report shows that household incomes stagnated in 2018, despite President Trump’s promise that the Republican tax reform law would boost Americans’ wages. 

“Today’s report shows us yet again that President Trump has broken his promise to hardworking Americans who are struggling to get by,” said For Our Future Ohio Action Fund spokesperson Daniel van Hoogstraten. “President Trump promised that his economic plan would boost workers’ wages and that everyone would have great health care. Instead, his agenda has left hardworking Ohioans behind.”