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Blamer-In-Chief Trump Continues Breaking Promises to Ohioans

Mar 20, 2019

Trump Attends $50,000-Per-Person Fundraiser Near Shuttered GM Lordstown Plant

Just days after attacking
workers and a local labor leader trying to save jobs at the unallocated General Motors plant in Lordstown, President Trump will be in Ohio today for an event in Lima and a country club fundraiser in Canton. The fundraiser — which costs attendees as much as $50,000 per person or $70,000 per couple — will take place a short drive away from the GM Lordstown plant where 1,600 workers recently lost their jobs.

For Our Future Ohio spokesperson Daniel van Hoogstraten issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s visit to Ohio:

It is despicable that Donald Trump is blaming workers and the union that worked relentlessly to keep GM Lordstown open, while Trump’s policies incentivized its closing. Our Blamer-In-Chief’s tantrum in response to the GM Lordstown plant closure is nothing more than ineffective, nonsensical blathering to cover his own broken promises.”


TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN (JULY 2017): “Don’t move. Don’t sell your house… We’re going to get those jobs coming back, and we’re going to fill up those factories or rip them down and build brand new ones. It’s going to happen.”
OUTCOME: General Motors announced that it would lay off 14,000 North American workers, including 1,600 workers at the Lordstown GM plant. The 6.2 million-square-foot plant in Lordstown remains unallocated.

TRUMP IN CLEVELAND TO PROMOTE HIS TAX PLAN (MAY 2018): “These big companies are bringing the money back and they’re investing it in the United States… and in Ohio, you know what’s going on. The auto companies are starting to come back, they’re starting to expand.”
OUTCOME: After General Motors received a $157 million tax windfall from Trump’s tax plan, GM ended production in Lordstown. However, the company is continuing production in Mexico and China.

TRUMP REACTING TO GM LORDSTOWN CLOSURE (DECEMBER 2018): “It doesn’t really matter because Ohio is under my leadership from a national standpoint. Ohio’s going to replace those jobs like in two minutes.”
OUTCOME: It’s been two weeks since the last Chevy Cruze was produced in Lordstown, and “those jobs” have not been replaced. Instead, Trump passing the blame onto others.


For Our Future Ohio (FOF-OH) is a statewide coalition organization that builds progressive power through voter engagement and community organizing to create shared economic prosperity, strengthen public education, advance social and racial justice, and preserve the environment. FOF-OH’s founding partners are the AFL-CIO, National Education Association, AFSCME, American Federation of Teachers, and NextGen America.