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As Gubernatorial Hopefuls Gather for Primary Debate, Here’s How Ohio Has Fared After 8 Years of Republican Control

Sep 12, 2017

Tonight, Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidates will gather in Martins Ferry, Ohio for their first primary debate. Ahead of tonight’s debate, here is a snapshot of how Ohio has fared after 8 years of Republican control:

Wages have stagnated, and remain well below the national average

  • According to Policy Matters Ohio, Ohio’s median wage was once 8.7% higher than the national median wage. Now, Ohio’s median wage is lower than the nation’s.
  • In Belmont County, where Martins Ferry sits, the median household income is lower than Ohio’s median household income — $43,833 compared to $49,429, respectively.
  • The most common jobs in Ohio are low wage jobs, many of which pay poverty wages.

Ohio lags behind other states in job creation and growth

Ohio schools are rapidly falling behind

College has become unaffordable for many Ohio families

Ohio Republican tax policies — which have largely benefited the wealthiest Ohioans — have led to taxpayers paying more in local taxes

  • In 2016 alone, 27 Ohio villages and cities asked voters to approve local income tax increases. According to, officials in a majority of these cities said that cuts from the Republican-controlled legislature were directly to blame.
  • As a result, Ohio isn’t able to invest in things that matter most to Ohio families, such as education, jobs, and our local communities.

“Republicans in the Statehouse have put Ohio on the wrong track, and it’s Ohio workers, students, schools, and communities who are bearing the brunt of Republicans’ bad policy choices,” said For Ohio’s Future Action Fund’s State Director Antonia Webb. “After eight years of Republicans at the helm of our state government, it’s time for new leadership that puts Ohio’s working families first by prioritizing investments in our schools, communities, and workers.”