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For Ohio’s Future Statement in Response to Latest GOP ECOT Scandal Developments

Jul 03, 2018

For Ohio’s Future spokesperson Daniel van Hoogstraten issued the following statement in response to Mike DeWine’s request to pursue a lawsuit against the founder of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT).

For years, Mike DeWine looked the other way as ECOT ripped off Ohio, enabling the biggest scandal in our state’s history. Now, just a day after claiming he doesn’t have the jurisdiction to take action, he’s trying to cover for himself — proving that he let this scandal drag on as ECOT scammed Ohio taxpayers and kids. Making matters worse, DeWine’s campaign is still benefiting from $36,000 of ECOT money.


  • WKSU: ECOT is Likely to Drive Conversation in Governor’s Race.“But DeWine’s office says this is out of the Attorney General’s jurisdiction.” [WKSU, 7/2/18]

… then less than 24 hours later:

  • Columbus Dispatch: State wants to force ECOT founder to repay millions. [Columbus Dispatch, 7/3/18]

  • Columbus Dispatch: With notable exceptions, politicians scurry to give up ECOT contributions. “That rationale, however, did not apply to any of the $36,000 that flowed to Husted once DeWine “inherited” Husted’s kitty.” [Columbus Dispatch, 5/11/18]



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