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7 Years of Republican Control in Columbus Has Brought Corruption, Infighting

May 18, 2018

Ohio Republicans’ Failed Leadership Has Put Ohio on the Wrong Track, Demonstrates Need for New Leadership

Following several scandals involving Ohio Republicans in recent months — including Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger’s resignation and revelations that the now-shuttered Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) defrauded Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars under Ohio Republicans’ watch — Republicans have now abdicated their duties altogether because of political infighting.

According to new reports, the family feud among Ohio Republicans has brought lawmaking to a standstill, and could end business at the Statehouse for the rest of the year.

For Ohio’s Future spokesperson Daniel van Hoogstraten issued the following statement in response:

As if the Republican culture of corruption in Columbus wasn’t bad enough, the Ohio GOP has taken their shameful conduct a step further by allowing their infighting to stop the important work of serving Ohioans. Seven years of Republican one-party rule in Columbus has bred corruption, malfeasance, and a total disregard to the needs of Ohioans.

Ohio deserves leaders who will fight to build a better future for our state, not scandal-plagued politicians who waste time fighting among themselves.

While Ohio Republicans put politics before people, Ohio workers, families, and communities are being left behind. Seven years of GOP control in Columbus has put Ohio on the wrong track: Ohio’s economy has stalled, wages have stagnated, Ohio schools are rapidly falling behind, and college has become unaffordable for many families. Meanwhile, the opioid epidemic continues to devastate communities throughout the state, with no sign of slowing down.


The Cincinnati Enquirer: “An FBI investigation, lavish spending and GOP infighting derailed work in the Ohio House of Representatives this week – and it’s not clear when they’ll get back to passing laws. [5/17/18]

ABC 6: “Dysfunction at the Ohio Statehouse could bring the legislature to a screeching halt. House Republicans have been struggling to select a new Speaker of the House. Lawmakers in both parties have said that might stop work in the legislature for the rest of the year.” [5/17/18] “Some taxpayers may have thought Rosenberger wanted the high-profile job to make sound public policy and help fix Ohio’s many problems. Turns out, Rosenberger wanted to travel on the dime of lobbyists and others.” [5/18/18]

The Columbus Dispatch: “As Republican infighting leaves the Ohio House in limbo, some wonder whether a bill seeking to rein in the payday-lending industry will get derailed by the power struggle.” [5/17/18]


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