Press Releases

Cleveland Leaders, Advocates Push for Passage of Build Back Better Act, Discuss Health Care Provisions, Local Impacts, For Ohio's Future, Dec 09, 2021

For Our Future Ohio Applauds, Announces Support for President Biden’s Build Back Better Framework, For Ohio's Future, Oct 28, 2021

Ohio Elected Officials, Leaders Urge Senate to Pass American Rescue Plan & Outline Impact on Ohio Communities, For Ohio's Future, Mar 02, 2021

Organizations Urge Sen. Portman to Support President Biden’s COVID Recovery Plan, Take Immediate Action to Deliver Relief to Ohio, For Ohio's Future, Feb 04, 2021

Statement on Trump Fundraiser in Northeast Ohio, For Ohio's Future, Aug 06, 2020

Trump’s Broken Promises on Full Display in Ohio Today, For Ohio's Future, Jun 25, 2020

For Our Future Ohio Announces Primary Election Effort Using Innovative Digital and Virtual Tactics, For Ohio's Future, Apr 16, 2020

1 Year After GM Lordstown Closure, Still No Action From Trump, For Ohio's Future, Mar 05, 2020

Rep. Chabot and Trump: A Perfect Match, For Ohio's Future, Feb 14, 2020

With Tax Season Underway, Trump-GOP Tax Scam Fails to Deliver on Promise, For Ohio's Future, Jan 27, 2020

Promises Made, Promises Broken: Trump Chooses Ohio for 2020 Campaign Debut, For Ohio's Future, Jan 09, 2020

For Our Future Ohio Responds to Court’s Affordable Care Act Decision, For Ohio's Future, Dec 19, 2019

For Our Future Ohio Responds to Trump Filing to Appear on Ohio Ballot, For Ohio's Future, Dec 16, 2019

Democratic Presidential Debate Puts Spotlight on Ohio and Trump’s Broken Promises, For Ohio's Future, Oct 14, 2019

New Census Figures Reveal Failure of Trump-GOP Agenda, For Ohio's Future, Sep 10, 2019

Ohio Leaders Denounce Trump Administration’s Proposed SNAP Rule, For Ohio's Future, Aug 23, 2019

2 Years After Trump’s ‘Don’t Move, Don’t Sell Your House’ Speech, It’s Clear Trump Broke His Promise, For Ohio's Future, Jul 25, 2019

New Documentary Features the Voices of Lordstown, Highlights Trump’s Broken Promises, For Ohio's Future, Jul 15, 2019

New Website Catalogues Trump’s Broken Promises to Ohioans, For Ohio's Future, Jun 18, 2019

Trump’s Trade War Creates ‘Trump Tax,’ Americans Lose, For Ohio's Future, Jun 06, 2019