Economic Prosperity

Standing up for workers and unions

Every hardworking Ohioan, regardless of their zip code, deserves the opportunity to build a better future for themselves and their families — which is exactly why For Our Future Ohio is fighting to protect unions and the workers they serve.

Unions play a vital role in growing and strengthening the middle class. Whether fighting for better wages and workplace protections, advancing the cause of social and racial justice, or advocating on behalf of workers and their families, unions make sure that our economy works for everyone, not just those at the very top.

Unfortunately, unions and workers are under attack. Wealthy special interests and anti-worker lawmakers are pushing an agenda to gut unions and significantly weaken workers’ collective voice. In the face of such attacks, For Our Future Ohio stands in solidarity with unions, and is standing up to those who seek to strip workers of their dignity and rights.

Here are some highlights of the work For Our Future Ohio has done in the fight to protect unions and workers’ rights:

Standing in solidarity with unions and workers at the Working People’s Day of Action:


Thousands gather at the Ohio Statehouse to show support for unions, workers

Calling on lawmakers to give workers a much-needed raise:

Op-ed by For Our Future Ohio Director Antonia Webb


Partnering with community leaders and faith-based organizations in support of a living wage:



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