Racial & Social Justice

Protesting for Positive Change And Combating Violent Extremism

Hate has no place in Ohio. That’s why in the immediate aftermath of violent protests organized by the so-called alt-right movement in the summer of 2017, For Our Future Ohio helped local groups and community leaders organize peaceful demonstrations conveying that Ohioans unequivocally reject racism and violent extremism.

Here are a few ways For Our Future Ohio has helped combat violent extremism:


Charlottesville solidarity rally at University of Toledo brings in hundreds


Cincinnati community rallies in solidarity with Charlottesville



In the weeks following the attack in Charlottesville, For Our Future Ohio also convened groups of activists and civic leaders for a series of “Resist. Mobilize. Win.” community conversations and trainings. The discussions and trainings — which took place in communities throughout Ohio — focused on protesting for positive change, combating extremism and the alt-right, and transferring grassroots energy into electoral power for 2018.


“Resist. Mobilize. Win.” community discussion in Maumee


“Resist. Mobilize. Win.” community discussion in Columbus

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