Economic Prosperity

Making college affordable for Ohio families

College has become unaffordable for many Ohio families. In fact, Ohio now ranks worst in the nation when it comes to student debt, and 45th in the nation when it comes to college affordability. The exploding cost of college presents a real burden for Ohio students and their families, often forcing individuals to take on tens of thousands of dollars of students debt. In 2016, college graduates in Ohio graduated with an average $30,000 of student debt.

One player in Ohio’s worsening student debt crisis is Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who enabled private debt collectors to profit off of Ohioans struggling to pay off their students loans. These private firms profited by charging struggling borrowers outrageous fees that often surpassed 40% of the original debt. In some cases, former students were wrongfully sued or didn’t know they were being sued.

An investigation by The Columbus Dispatch revealed just how abusive these student loan collection practices could be: In one case, a $76 balance grew to $1,767. In another case, a $6,600 loan nearly doubled to to $12,000. When former students sued Mike DeWine’s office for its abusive debt collection practices, Mike DeWine stood with the firms profiting off of Ohioans with student loan debt.

To hold Mike DeWine accountable, For Our Future Ohio partnered with current and former college students throughout Ohio to call out Mike DeWine for his failure to clean up abusive student debt collection practices.

Current and former students host a press conference at Cleveland State University to highlight how Mike DeWine has worsened the student debt crisis:

Northwest Ohioans speak out on Mike DeWine’s failure to clean up abusive student debt collection practices:

Ohio University students speak out against Mike DeWine’s siding with private debt collectors over Ohioans struggling to pay off their students loans:

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