Economic Prosperity

Holding Gov. DeWine Accountable & Protecting Unemployment Benefits

COVID-19 has had devastating consequences for Ohio’s economy, and our day-to-day lives. Thanks to quick and persistent action from President Biden and congressional Democrats, a full recovery is just over the horizon. 

Yet Governor DeWine thinks now is a good time to rescind the additional unemployment benefits that so many Ohioans have come to rely on to feed and house their families.

Taking away unemployment benefits won’t move our state forward on the road to recovery – it’s going to throw nearly 600,000 Ohioans back into chaos and uncertainty.

At For Our Future, we are holding Governor DeWine accountable for his actions. Together, we can use our collective voice to generate grassroots actions and amplify the call to protect unemployment benefits.

Add your voice and action to protect unemployment benefits!

Email Gov. DeWine and Tell Him Ohioans Need Unemployment Insurance

Join For Our Future OH’s Volunteer Team and Help Spread the Word

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