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Fighting for Fair School Funding

No matter where they live or what they look like, all of Ohio’s kids deserve a public school that inspires their creativity, unlocks their potential, and nurtures their dreams. But today, certain politicians are pitting parents against teachers and communities against each other while they drain resources from our public schools to give handouts to the wealthy few and corporations. They’ve left communities to fend for themselves and struggle to fund schools locally, which especially deprives Black and brown kids and families with low incomes of what they need. 

Ohio has enough for every child to attend a great school with advanced classes, cutting-edge technology and well-trained, professional educators. From the cities to the country, suburbs to small towns, we are coming together to go all in for Ohio kids and demand our lawmakers pass the Fair School Funding Plan and finally dedicate the resources needed for each and every student to succeed. We can make a better future for all of us.

At For Our Future Ohio, we are pushing for Ohio’s state legislature to support the Fair School Funding Plan. Together, we can use our collective voice to generate grassroots actions and amplify the call for this critical step forward for Ohio kids.

Add your voice and take action for Fair School Funding in Ohio!

Click to Call Ohio Senator Andrew Brenner 

Email Your State Senator in Support of Fair School Funding 

Join For Our Future OH’s Volunteer Team To Help Spread the Word

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Fair School Funding
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Fair School Funding Ohio
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Ohio Fair School Funding
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