Environmental Protection

Defending Our Environment from the RAA

It’s the scariest bill that you’ve never heard of: The Regulatory Accountability Act. And we’re committed to making sure the bill — sponsored by Senator Rob Portman — doesn’t become law. Senator Portman’s bill could severely jeopardize the health and safety of every single Ohioan and American.

The Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA) may sound innocuous, but the RAA threatens the health and safety of our workers, our environment, and our families. Among other things, the RAA grants corporate polluters a License to Pollute, giving big corporations virtually free rein to dump toxins into the air we breathe and the water we drink. The RAA poses a threat to people’s health and safety in other ways as well: the bill could impact everything from food and workplace safety to consumer protections.

For Our Future Ohio is committed to fighting for the health and safety of all Ohioans, and is working with environmental, labor, and community leaders throughout the state to make sure that corporations aren’t granted a license to pollute or given a pass to cheat consumers. Here are a few things For Our Future Ohio has done:

In Columbus, For Our Future Ohio organized a press conference with the Sierra Club, the Communications Workers of America Local ​4320, Columbus City Councilman Shannon Hardin, and others on how the Trump administration’s decision to roll back the Clean Power Plan and Senator Rob Portman’s RAA both threaten the health and safety of Ohio workers, the environment, and families.


In Cincinnati, For Our Future Ohio and NextGen America press conference and delivery of 380,000 petitions in opposition to the RAA.


Cincinnatians rally in support of Paris Agreement, climate action


Press conference outside of the EPA building in Cincinnati, on the importance of the EPA to the region’s economic and environmental health.


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