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Defending Dreamers and Immigrant Families

In September 2017, the Trump administration rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. DACA has helped roughly 800,000 young people who have lived in the United States since their childhood — known as Dreamers — to come forward, pass background checks, and live and work legally in the U.S. In Ohio, DACA has changed the lives of thousands of young people, allowing them to live, study, and work in America without fear of deportation.

Ending DACA puts Dreamers at risk of deportation, tearing apart families, creating tremendous disruptions for businesses, and sending shock waves through Ohio’s economy and communities. For Our Future Ohio is committed to defending Dreamers, and urges Congress to pass a clean Dream Act so that these hardworking and talented Ohioans can contribute to the communities that they call home.

For Our Future Ohio is working with faith leaders, Dreamers, community organizers, small business owners, and other Ohio leaders to call on Congress to protect Dreamers by passing a clean, bipartisan Dream Act. Through rallies, sign on letters, petition drops, and phone calls to Ohio representatives, we’re sending a clear message to Washington that Ohioans stand with Dreamers!

Here are just a few ways we’ve been organizing to support Dreamers:

Helped elevate the stories of Dreamers who are impacted by the administration’s decision to end DACA.


Video highlighting the positive impact DACA recipients have had on Ohio communities


DACA recipients speak out, Cincinnati activists gather to show support for DACA


Groups gather to defend DACA, support Dreamers


Hosted community forums to discuss the importance of DACA and Dreamers and in our communities.


“Toledo is for Dreamers” community forum


Helped organize petition deliveries urging Ohio lawmakers to protect Dreamers by passing a clean Dream Act.


DACA petition delivery to Sen. Rob Portman in Cleveland



DACA letter delivery to Portman’s Toledo office


Supported rallies throughout the state urging lawmakers to defend DACA and protect Dreamers.


Cincinnatians rally in support of DACA, call on Sen. Rob Portman to protect dreamers


Toledoans rally to show support for DACA, Dreamers


Hundreds Rally in Columbus to Show Support for Dreamers


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