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Boosting the American Rescue Plan

President Biden’s American Rescue Plan is the most progressive legislation enacted in decades. From $1,400 relief checks and funding for accelerated COVID vaccination programs to a major investment to reduce healthcare premiums and lift millions of children out of poverty, the Rescue Plan delivers for working families.

What’s in the new law: 

  • $350 billion in emergency funding for state and local governments to ensure they can keep frontline public workers on the job and paid, and distribute the vaccine, scale up testing, reopen schools, and maintain vital services.
  • Provides schools the resources they need to reopen safely, so that kids and educators can get back to the classroom and parents can get back to work.
  • $20 billion in a national vaccination program and support to set up community vaccination sites, including in underserved and hard-to-reach communities.
  • Lowers healthcare premium costs with expanded subsidies, increases healthcare coverage, and eliminates the cost of health insurance for people collecting unemployment insurance, so that more Americans can have access to the health care they need during this pandemic and beyond.
  • Sent millions of Ohio families a $1,400 per-person check, providing an immediate lifeline to Ohioans struggling during this pandemic.
  • Extended and expanded unemployment benefits.
  • Boosts economic support for families with children through  up to $300 per month.

At For Our Future Ohio, we are working to let Ohioans know about the benefits of the American Rescue Plan and how they are positively impacting our communities. 

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