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Mayor-elect Mims, Dayton Leaders Push for Passage of Build Back Better Act, Discuss Impact on Families and Local Community

Dec 14, 2021

Legislation Makes Transformative Investments in Education and Child Care

DAYTON, OH — Today, Dayton leaders and advocates gathered in Cooper Park in downtown Dayton to discuss the importance of passing the Build Back Better Act and what it will mean for the local community and families. Speakers focused on the major education and child care provisions of the legislation – including free universal Pre-K, making child care more affordable, expanding access to education, and extending the enhanced Child Tax Credit. The event was part of the Building Ohio Together Tour, organized by For Our Future Ohio and the Ohio Democratic Party. 

“The Build Back Better Act will help put more and more people in a position to make a strong contribution to society, and in a better place to improve quality of life for themselves and their families,” said Dayton Mayor-elect Jeff Mims. “Here in Dayton, we were one of the first cities in the nation to put money into preschool programs because we found that two-thirds of our young people were coming to school two and three years behind in their developmental skills. The Preschool Promise program is vital for this city and gives a view of the positive impact universal pre-K can have across our state and the nation.”

“Extending the enhanced Child Tax Credit through the Build Back Better Act will not only help kids, but will help their families. If we can increase the quality of life for families and parents, then we can do more for the community and children because kids will be coming from more stable backgrounds,” said Dayton Public Schools Board of Education Vice President Will Smith. “The Build Back Better Act will also provide more affordable child care. When we talk about people wanting to get back to work as we come through this pandemic, child care is a huge need. As a person who has children, I see the burdens, the barriers, the lack of resources, and how much it costs to have child care. We’re standing here as a community to say, we need the Build Back Better Act.”

Chloe Morgan, a Dayton parent with four children, talked about when she was a single parent working at Walmart. She said, “At that point in time, I made about $1,400 per month, and just to send my kids to quality child care was $1,200 per month. The math just doesn’t add up. The Build Back Better Act will allow parents and families to do better for their children.”

A recording of today’s event is available here