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7 Years of Republican Control Has Put Ohio on the Wrong Track

Mar 06, 2018

As Governor Kasich Prepares to Deliver Final State of the State Address, A Look at How the Ohio GOP Agenda Has Harmed Ohio Families and Communities

As Republican Governor John Kasich prepares to deliver his final State of the State address, it’s abundantly clear that seven years of Ohio Republicans’ failed leadership has put Ohio on the wrong track. As The Columbus Dispatch reports, “the state’s recovery has been slow — below the national average for job growth — and Ohio ranks low or at mid-pack on other measures.”

Seven years of Republican control in Columbus has saddled Ohio with an anemic economy, including stagnant wages and weak job growth. Under Ohio Republicans’ watch, Ohio’s education system has plummeted in national rankings, while charter schools have been allowed to open and operate with little transparency or accountability. College has become unaffordable for many Ohio families, and Ohioans are leaving the state in droves to find jobs and opportunity elsewhere.

Meanwhile, under the watch of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, Ohio’s opioid crisis has rapidly worsened, killing thousands of Ohioans each year.

Here are just a few ways Republican control has left Ohio workers, families, and communities behind:

Ohio’s economy has stalled, with lagging job growth and stagnant wages

Ohio schools are rapidly falling behind

College has become unaffordable for many Ohio families, and Ohioans are leaving the state in mass to pursue opportunities elsewhere

Ohio’s opioid epidemic has gotten worse under Ohio Republicans, and Attorney General Mike DeWine in particular

  • Ohio has the second highest rate of overdose deaths in America, with more than 4,300 Ohioans dying from drug overdoses in 2016.
  • During Mike Dewine’s tenure as attorney general, overdose deaths in Ohio have more than doubled.

Ohio Republicans’ failed tax policies — which have largely benefited the wealthiest Ohioans — have led to taxpayers paying more in local taxes

  • In 2016 alone, 27 Ohio villages and cities asked voters to approve local income tax increases. According to Cleveland.com, officials in a majority of these cities said that cuts from the Republican-controlled legislature were directly to blame.
  • As a result, Ohio isn’t able to invest in things that matter most to Ohio families, such as education, jobs, and our local communities.