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Aug 23, 2017

71,000 Ohio Veterans Rely on Medicaid For Care 

A new analysis from Families USA and VoteVets details just how devastating Republican plans to slash Medicaid would be for veterans and their families.

According to Families USA and VoteVets, 1.75 million veterans are covered by Medicaid, including 71,000 in Ohio. For some, Medicaid supplements VA or other coverage, but many have no other source of coverage besides Medicaid. Congressional actions such as capping and cutting Medicaid or ending or phasing out expansion — which has led to thousands more veterans in Ohio gaining coverage — would make it harder for veterans to get the health care they need.

According to the fact sheet:

  • 1.75 million U.S. veterans are covered by Medicaid and will see their coverage weakened
  • 71,000 veterans in Ohio are covered by Medicaid
  • 340,000 of those veterans who are covered by the Medicaid expansion will have their coverage dropped altogether
  • Forty percent of the 913,000 working-age veterans (18-64) with Medicaid have no other source of health coverage

“Republican efforts to cut Medicaid or roll back the Medicaid expansion do not honor the service of America’s veterans,” Families USA says. “Instead, those efforts all but guarantee that roughly 1.75 million veterans, many of whom have no other source of coverage, will see their coverage weakened. And, for the approximately 340,000 of those veterans who are covered by the Medicaid expansion, their coverage will be dropped altogether. Changing the structure of the Medicaid program through caps, cuts or ending the Medicaid expansion would hurt veterans and their families.”