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NEW ANALYSIS: Medicaid Cuts and Tax Breaks? Ohio Budget Mirrors Congressional Effort

Jun 28, 2017

Columbus, OH — A new analysis from Innovation Ohio compares the Republican healthcare repeal plan currently in the U.S. Senate with the Republican state budget in Ohio. Both plans would cut healthcare coverage for the neediest and finance a tax cut for the wealthiest.

“These parallel bills blatantly expose the GOP’s priorities at all levels of government — take away healthcare from the poor and working class to pay for large tax cuts for the wealthy,” said Innovation Ohio President Janetta King. “For Ohioans who think these priorities are backwards, they now must mobilize and tell Governor Kasich to line-item veto the severe Medicaid changes in the state budget bill. Activism has worked to delay the federal healthcare bill, and it can work to save Medicaid at the state level too.”

The analysis — entitled “Medicaid cuts and tax breaks? Ohio budget mirrors Congressional effort” — highlights the “eerie parallel” between the two plans. For example, while the Senate’s healthcare repeal bill would end Medicaid expansion starting in 2021 and cuts more than $700 billion in Medicaid funding, the Ohio budget plan would freeze Medicaid expansion enrollment in 2018 and creates new limits on Medicaid eligibility. Additionally, wealthy individuals and businesses would get a $700 billion 10-year tax break from the Senate’s plan, and would get a $1.1 billion annual tax break from the Ohio budget plan.

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The analysis also details the three main components of the budget plan that would impact access to healthcare for Ohio’s Medicaid expansion population.