March 6, 2018

7 Years of Republican Control Has Put Ohio on the Wrong Track

As Governor Kasich Prepares to Deliver Final State of the State Address, A Look at How the Ohio GOP Agenda Has Harmed Ohio Families and Communities As Republican Governor John Kasich prepares to deliver his final State of the State address, it’s abundantly clear that seven years of Ohio Republicans’ failed leadership has put Ohio […]

February 12, 2018

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Leaves Ohio Communities Behind

President Trump’s infrastructure plan, which was unveiled Monday, is not a serious plan to invest in our nation’s aging infrastructure or create good jobs. Instead, Trump’s plan would shift the burden to local communities and privatize our vital infrastructure, handing control to corporations and rich investors while raising costs for everyone else. A real infrastructure […]

January 26, 2018

VIDEO: Ohio Dreamer Shares What’s At Stake If Congress Fails to Protect Dreamers

New Video Highlights the Need for Congress to Pass a Clean Dream Act As Republicans in Congress continue to thwart common sense efforts to protect Dreamers, a new video underscores the urgency for Congress to act on DACA. The video features the story of Sara, one of thousands of DACA recipients living in Ohio who […]

December 20, 2017

STATEMENT: Republican Tax Plan Morally Reprehensible and Fiscally Irresponsible

Every Ohio Republican In Congress Voted for Tax Bill That Threatens Ohioans Health Coverage, Explodes Federal Deficit This week, Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate passed a tax reform bill that delivers huge tax handouts to millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations, which will be paid for by slashing funding for Medicare, Medicaid, education, and […]

December 15, 2017

As Sen. Portman Keynotes Ohio State Commencement, Republican Tax Plan Threatens Higher Education

Under the cloud of the Republican tax plan, Senator Rob Portman is scheduled to deliver the keynote address this Sunday at The Ohio State University’s Autumn Commencement. Senator Portman’s address comes two weeks after the Ohio Republican voted in favor of a tax plan that could put college out of reach for many Ohio families […]

December 6, 2017

Sen. Portman Urged by Dozens of Northwest Ohioans to Support the Dream Act, Protect Dreamers

Constituents Call on Portman to Ensure Passage of Dream Act by End of Year Today, concerned northwest Ohioans visited Senator Rob Portman’s Toledo office to deliver a letter urging Sen. Portman to support a clean Dream Act and to ensure the bill’s passage by the end of December. The letter, which was signed by dozens […]

November 16, 2017

BREAKING: Statement on House Passage of Republican Tax Plan

Ohio Middle Class Loses Under Tax Plan Passed by U.S. House Today, Ohio Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to give massive tax handouts to millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations at the expense of middle-class Ohioans. For Ohio’s Future Action Fund spokesman Daniel van Hoogstraten released the following statement in response to the […]

November 3, 2017

Ohio Hits Sobering Milestone: 10,000 Layoffs Under Trump

Still No Job or Infrastructure Plan from GOP Congress or Trump Administration Ohio’s economy reached a sobering milestone this week: Since President Donald Trump took office, more than 10,000 Ohio workers have been notified that their plant is closing or that they have been laid off. Nationwide, more than 222,500 workers have received notice of […]

October 30, 2017

Congress Must Act Immediately to Protect Children’s Health Insurance

Ohio projected to run out of federal CHIP funds by end of 2017. On September 30, due to congressional inaction, federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) lapsed. One month later, Congress has yet to extend CHIP funding. Without immediate action from Congress, Ohio is projected to run out of federal CHIP funds […]

October 24, 2017

Cincinnatians Rally Outside Representative Chabot’s Office to Oppose GOP Budget Cuts and Tax Reform Plan

Area residents rallied outside of Representative Steve Chabot’s Cincinnati office Tuesday to voice their opposition to proposed budget cuts and the Republican tax reform plan. Demonstrators — who used rolls of pennies to highlight how the Republican tax plan primarily benefits the rich — urged Chabot and other Ohio lawmakers to give not one penny […]

October 17, 2017

Ohio Families Will Be Harmed by Senate Budget Resolution Vote This Week

Health Care for Millions of Ohioans In Jeopardy so that Top 1% Can Get Massive Tax Cut; Meanwhile, 10% of Middle-Class Ohio Households Will Get a Tax INCREASE On Thursday, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on whether to approve a budget resolution that will set the framework for how much federal spending and […]

October 13, 2017

Trump’s Health Care Sabotage Will Hurt Ohio Families

After months of attempting — and failing — to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislatively President Trump has unilaterally acted to sabotage the health care law, risking the health care coverage of millions of Americans. On Thursday, after signing an executive order that will destabilize the ACA marketplaces and gut protections for people with […]

October 5, 2017

Ohio Republican House Delegation Votes to Cut Medicaid, Medicare, and Public Education to Give Tax Breaks to Millionaires and Corporations

Vote was on the House Budget Resolution in Congress that set the stage for Trump-Ryan Tax Plan All 12 members of Ohio’s Republican delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives voted today in favor of the Republican House budget resolution. The resolution proposes $5.8 trillion in cuts over the next decade to Medicare, Medicaid, education, […]

September 26, 2017

It’s Time for Republicans to Move on From Reckless Health Care Repeal Campaign

According to multiple reports, Senate Republicans will not hold a vote on the Republicans’ latest proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, known as the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson bill. For Ohio’s Future Action Fund’s State Director Antonia Webb released the following statement in response: “This bill represented the latest in a series of reckless proposals that, if […]

September 19, 2017

REPORT: Latest Health Care Repeal Bill Could Cause Massive Premium Increases for People with Pre-Existing Conditions

Under Graham-Cassidy Plan, States Can Eliminate Protections for People with Pre-Existing Conditions A new analysis finds that under the Senate Republicans’ latest health care repeal proposal, people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, pregnancy, and drug addiction may face massive premium increases, rendering health insurance unaffordable for many Americans. The analysis, published by […]

September 13, 2017

Latest GOP Health Care Repeal Ploy Would Cause Massive Coverage Losses, Raise Premiums, Gut Medicaid and Protections

Under Bill, Ohio Stands to Lose More Than $2.6 Billion in Federal Funding by 2026 Despite voters’ overwhelming opposition to the Republicans’ health care repeal efforts, Republicans in the U.S. Senate today introduced yet another partisan bill to undo the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The bill — known as the Graham-Cassidy bill after two of […]

September 12, 2017

As Gubernatorial Hopefuls Gather for Primary Debate, Here’s How Ohio Has Fared After 8 Years of Republican Control

Tonight, Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidates will gather in Martins Ferry, Ohio for their first primary debate. Ahead of tonight’s debate, here is a snapshot of how Ohio has fared after 8 years of Republican control: Wages have stagnated, and remain well below the national average According to Policy Matters Ohio, Ohio’s median wage was once […]

September 5, 2017

Ending DACA Could Cost Ohio Millions Annually, Upend the Lives of Thousands of Ohioans and Their Families

Today, the Trump administration announced that it will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an immigration policy first implemented during the Obama administration. DACA has helped roughly 800,000 young people who have lived in the United States since their childhood — known as Dreamers — to come forward, pass background checks, and […]

August 31, 2017


Yesterday, a senior Trump Administration official went off the record to discuss the Trump Administration’s commitment to sabotaging the health care system. While claiming to favor stabilizing the insurance markets, the official offered no substance, instead promoting more blatantly false information in what appears to be an attempt to preempt their sabotage. Just how outlandish […]

August 25, 2017

Cassidy-Graham Bill Would Deeply Cut Health Coverage Funding for Ohio

A new ACA repeal bill would cut Ohio’s federal funding for health coverage by over $2.6 billion by 2026, according to a report released this week by the Washington D.C.-based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP). The full CBPP report can be found here. Congressional Republicans’ efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) […]

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