FOF Local Blogger Fellowship Editorial Standards

For Ohio’s Future developed editorial standards for continued participation in its Local Blogger Fellowship program, including ethical guidelines, best practices and standards of conduct from leading online publications – such as The Huffington Post, Daily Kos and Inc. magazine – and the Society of Professional Journalists.

“Boldly tell the story of the diversity and magnitude of the human experience. Seek sources whose voices we seldom hear.” – Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics

Before publishing and promoting a written piece on your blog, please check to assure the following standards and best practices are met:

  • The piece has been copyedited by at least one additional person, besides the author of the post, to review for typos, style and clarity.

  • All material from other sources (either paraphrased or a direct quote) is properly identified, attributed or cited in every post.

  • You are proud to stand by the post and are will to take negative and positive feedback for the decision to publish the post.

  • You have the rights and permissions to re-post content originally developed and published by another entity. This includes graphics, photos and written copy. This does NOT include screenshots of public social media posts.

  • You have the written release to use copyrighted material, photos of individuals (including expressed permission of legal guardians to use the image and likeness of children).

  • That everyone quoted in your post understands that their words will be used for the purpose of publication on your blog.

  • The facts presented in your article were verified to the best of your ability, and include links to original, credible source materials.

  • The post is critical without being mean. If you need to make your point using name-calling, obscenities, lies or personal attacks, you don’t have a great point. Plus, publishing a falsehood that damages someone’s reputation is libel.

  • The post is thought-provoking, entertaining, insightful, interesting, constructive and well-researched. It should have a strong point-of-view that is supported by the facts.

  • The post adds value to your community and the larger political dialogue. Let the right traffic in wild conspiracy theories and destructive rumor-mongering.

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