Press Releases

State Representatives and Policy Experts Urge Action on Overtime Pay, Call Out GOP Obstruction, For Ohio's Future, Apr 03, 2018

Antonia Webb: It’s time to make overtime work for more workers, Columbus Dispatch, Mar 30, 2018

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Leaves Ohio Communities Behind, For Ohio's Future, Feb 12, 2018

STATEMENT: Republican Tax Plan Morally Reprehensible and Fiscally Irresponsible, For Ohio's Future, Dec 20, 2017

As Sen. Portman Keynotes Ohio State Commencement, Republican Tax Plan Threatens Higher Education, For Ohio's Future, Dec 15, 2017

Sen. Portman Urged by Dozens of Northwest Ohioans to Support the Dream Act, Protect Dreamers, For Ohio's Future, Dec 06, 2017

BREAKING: Statement on House Passage of Republican Tax Plan, For Ohio's Future, Nov 16, 2017

Ohio Hits Sobering Milestone: 10,000 Layoffs Under Trump, For Ohio's Future, Nov 03, 2017

Congress Must Act Immediately to Protect Children’s Health Insurance, For Ohio's Future, Oct 30, 2017

Cincinnatians Rally Outside Representative Chabot’s Office to Oppose GOP Budget Cuts and Tax Reform Plan, For Ohio's Future, Oct 24, 2017

Ohio Families Will Be Harmed by Senate Budget Resolution Vote This Week, For Ohio's Future, Oct 17, 2017

Trump’s Health Care Sabotage Will Hurt Ohio Families, For Ohio's Future, Oct 13, 2017

Ohio Republican House Delegation Votes to Cut Medicaid, Medicare, and Public Education to Give Tax Breaks to Millionaires and Corporations, For Ohio's Future, Oct 05, 2017

It’s Time for Republicans to Move on From Reckless Health Care Repeal Campaign, For Ohio's Future, Sep 26, 2017

REPORT: Latest Health Care Repeal Bill Could Cause Massive Premium Increases for People with Pre-Existing Conditions, For Ohio's Future, Sep 19, 2017

Latest GOP Health Care Repeal Ploy Would Cause Massive Coverage Losses, Raise Premiums, Gut Medicaid and Protections, For Ohio's Future, Sep 13, 2017

As Gubernatorial Hopefuls Gather for Primary Debate, Here’s How Ohio Has Fared After 8 Years of Republican Control, For Ohio's Future, Sep 12, 2017

Ending DACA Could Cost Ohio Millions Annually, Upend the Lives of Thousands of Ohioans and Their Families, For Ohio's Future, Sep 05, 2017


Cassidy-Graham Bill Would Deeply Cut Health Coverage Funding for Ohio, For Ohio's Future, Aug 25, 2017